February 19, 2009

Inspiration Board # 50: Aqua & Red

February 19, 2009

{Red & Aqua}

When Lauryn & Randy wrote to me about the red and aqua palette they were planning on using for their wedding, I was very excited to get work. Admittedly, my favorite color is red and coming in at second is aqua. Because of this, I too considered this color scheme early on. Because of the season, and location of my wedding however, I opted to do something different. Now that I've revisited this scheme, Ive fallen in love with it all over again. Alas, I will have to live vicariously through Lauryn & Randy. Lauryn explained to me that they wanted to go for sort of a retro vibe, and something that incorporated some sweet southern charm. In my design, I Incorporated sassy aqua dressed and red hot heels.

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Soft aqua invites with a toile pattern were sent to guests which greatly contrasted the bold red font seen on the actual wedding day on things like table numbers, & escort cards. Fun little red lanterns were displayed on tables which added some personality to the reception, and centerpieces were designed with red roses and carnations. Place cards were clipped on clothing lines which added some down home charm to the space and homemade touches were appreciated by guests -like homemade menu cards tucked into napkins. Guests went home with pouches of red and aqua jelly beans and jars of homemade preserves.


Lauryn Brook said...

Oh! I love it so much! It's perfect, thank you! And feel free to live vicariously through us with any tips you may have. :-) Have a wonderful week!


Chrissymarie98 said...

So happy that you love it :)

majoh said...

do you think these colors will look pretty in a nighttime wedding? i just love them so much, but im not sure if its a more day-time combo