February 15, 2009

{Peacock Jewel Tones}: Teal, Plum, Blue, Gold + Chartreuse

February 15, 2009

{Teal, Plum, Blue, Gold & Chartreuse}

Julie wrote to me and asked me if I could make her a custom board that would capture the peacock themed wedding that she was planning. She said she wanted to go with blue, possibly purple, green and golden hues. She also wanted her wedding to have some antique details. This is the board that I made for Julie. I decided to have her bridesmaids wear teal floor length gowns and bright blue shoes adorned with antique broaches. {continued...}

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The bouquets that I chose are a deep shade of purple and stems were held together with beautiful teal satin fabric. Centerpieces were placed in beautiful gold urns and really stood out against the bright teal table cloths that were used in the reception space. For an additional pop of color I chose bronze napkins and tucked both a menu and a single peacock feather into each place setting. The groomsmen wore deep purple boutineers and had teal paisley neckties on which mimicked the feather motif. Wedding invitations, escort cards and save the dates were all designed to include the feather motif. Guests went home with two votive candles and a sweet thank you from the newlyweds.


Janna said...

One word: Brilliant!

Chrissy said...

Two Words: Thank You!

P.S. I love this... said...

Very pretty! Similar coloring to my wedding.. great ideas.