February 13, 2009

Inspiration Board # 1: Cranberry, Latte, Chocolate Brown & Ivory

February 13, 2009

{Cranberry, Latte & Chocolate Brown}

This is the first board that I ever put together in effort to capture the look I wanted to go for in my own wedding. I wanted our wedding to have rich colors but I also wanted it to feel timeless and have that charming and cozy vibe. I did not end up choosing this Fall design for our wedding but for many months it was at the top of my list. This wedding has a vintage feel and is designed for a vineyard setting.

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I absolutely love the warmth that this palette has. And what's not to love about those chocolate cosmos? Beautiful, vintage and full of what I like to call vineyard elegance, this is the kind of wedding that will leave your guests feeling as though they have been invited to a truly special wedding.

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